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    Twolves Marketing / Social Media

    A friend of mine hipped me to this post, that goes into detail about the Wolves marketing and social media assets... and how they don't really tie together.

    I was wondering what you all thought of it.

    I think that Jay Baer, the blog's author, is right on with his assessment. But I also left a lengthy comment about how the Wolves and most other pro sports teams ignore their super fans that interact with one another on message boards.

    Although I've scaled back my participation, I check in almost everyday making this place my sole source of Wolves related news and opinion. Working in social media for my day job makes me think it's a no brainer to embed someone from marketing/PR within the organization into the various Wolves message boards out there, like this one.

    I think that a move like that could benefit both parties, and am curious to read your thoughts.

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    without going into a long diatribe about this, without linking the two together and measuring the success and failure of each link (and as a whole) there will continue to be confusion and a lack of a succinct message / connection with fans.

    i'm surprised to see the lack of connection in the franchise. that might be because of the fact i feel like they are lightyears of where they were just a few years ago.
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    I think the Wolves are better (and I think Kahn is better) at communicating with the fanbase in general than at any point in the McHale era. It's markedly improved but I think the Wolves still could improve on their fan relations experience..wouldn't hurt to have a fan advisory board (I'm sure they talk to the long timers of the STH group from time to time but I don't know if they are wining/dining a number of them as a group to get honest feedback on a regular/consistent basis.

    They may very well do it informally...
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