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    Even in a pick and roll offense there are multiple options.

    Fact is, I trust Adelman to figure out what will work for this group of players. More so than any coach we have had in Wolves history.
    That does not mean we have the players to make it work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LHU View Post
    Here's what Rubio has to say about Adelman's offensive system.

    "I love it," the Timberwolves rookie point guard said after Sunday's three-plus-hour practice. "We can call a system, but in that system you have freedom to see which is the best option for us, not like robots. Or not like, 'Only these two guys are going to play and the other three aren't going to be in the play.'

    To me that doesn't sound like a hard pick and roll style offense.
    I don't think we will be Utah recreated but I think it's going to be a key part of the offense. And like someone said, the pick and roll can be a very creative offense. You just have to have the personnel that you can trust enough to run it. I think with how many good passing guards we have and with the athletic big men and spot up shooters we have the right personnel.

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    So we'll have Rubio, Ridnour, Malcolm Lee, and JJ Barea. Not the back court I was thinking of exactly. I know we may make some more moves but I'm still waiting on a real 2 guard.
    You play to win the game... HELLO?! You PLAY to WIN the GAME!


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