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Thread: The offseason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick K View Post
    With all due respect kingsx Jordan has as little offense as Towns has defense. You have to look at the overall player. Towns offers double the points and only 1 less reb per game. Steals and blocks are about the same but Towns has twice the assists on average. There is also the free throw shooting which is used as a major tactic against Jordan's team. Towns has a 26 PER which is higher than the vast majority of players in the league. Jordan and Gobert are around 22-23. If you asked the Clips if they would trade Jordan for Towns they would say yes in a NY minute I think.

    Much of the same could be said of Gobert but I'm more ok with Gobert being recognized. Towns should at least have been chosen 3rd team.

    The good thing might be that Towns will concentrate on the defensive end this summer for his big improvement.
    You and CC make good points. That all said..I dont want Towns to be too satisfied too soon. But point taken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Country Club View Post
    DeMar made it and he's an awful defender. There isn't a message at all with how guys are picked. It comes down to reputation.

    I'm just happy that KAT got 2 1st place votes and more total points than Boogie.
    I mean, sure, "reputation" is part of it, but in this case, I'm not sure how the reputations are somehow different than the realities, at least recognizing the relative roles of the various positions.

    DeRozan made it as a guard, a position where offense is much, much more important to winning games than defense. You can quibble with a "volume vs. efficiency" argument for Lowry vs. DeRozan, but I think DDR was the best player on that team, especially with Lowry missing a bunch of games and DDR having to carry them offensively mostly by himself during that stretch, and they won 51 games.

    But bigs have to be at least solid defenders for teams to win games. Full stop. Towns wasn't a solid defender this year, so in spite of being the best offensive center in the league, I have no problem with him finishing 4th (by a hair) in an All-NBA vote.

    As I said above, DeAndre having a limited offensive skillset isn't the same as not being a good offensive player, he's still a huge threat to opposing defenses as a lob target (opposing bigs can't give him any space, i.e. to help on a perimeter player, which is the most important defensive role for bigs, or it's a near-automatic 2 points), screen setter, and offensive rebounder. Combine that with him being a major positive defensively, and I'm perfectly fine with him getting a couple more votes than Towns, with his actual game supporting that vote just as well as his "reputation".


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