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I'm finishing up the replay of last night's game and this team is infuriating lazy and lacks energy and effort. I think a lot of that is coaching and how the message is delivered but a chunk of that is on the players as well.

The biggest culprits are Wiggins and Towns but I do think Towns brings enough on the offensive side of the ball and is a fundamentally great offensive player to warrant staying on the court.

Wiggins, however, frankly sucks right now and is clearly disengaged and not bringing it at a high enough level. On both sides of the ball.

Between shooting under 45% overall, shooting 31% on 3's (sub 30% in the last month), and not bringing hustle stats to the yard (under 4 boards/36 and under 2 assists/36), this is a player that neither warranted a max deal nor is playing to the level of someone who just got one.

If Thibs has a sack, he moves him to the pine now and starts Crawford or Tyus with Teague and that MGH gets some burn as well as part of that rotation. This doesn't mean that Wiggins won't play at all (he'll have to given we have no bench) but I would drastically cut his minutes until he gets the hint that he needs to play harder, with more fire, and more efficiency. A lot of this is Thibs' own schemes but it doesn't change the fundamental stupidity that a 4th year "star" is showing on the court more often than not. If it means we lose a couple of games because of our depleted bench having to play more, so be it. At least Tyus, Crawford, MGH despite their warts play hard.

It's time to stop f**king around and start sending hints that effort has to improve.
Atta Baby CC. Right on. +100

Wigs needs to watch Jimmy very carefully from the bench and let it sink in.

We have 3 guys who bring it all the time...Jimmy, Taj, and Tyus and I think Crawford tries.