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    Quote Originally Posted by dschroeder01 View Post
    Maybe I'm missing something. We shot 23 3s. Our average is 22.3.
    What I saw (and I acknowledge I'm basing it on the eyeball test) was us rushing down and jacking up quick 3s, without any passes, and early in the shot clock, without any rebounders. That is Houston's style but it isn't ours (we don't shoot 3s as well as they do). To me, it seemed like we got caught up in a more frantic pace than usual and took shots that didn't come within our normal offense. I think Houston dictated the pace and style of the game and that isn't to our advantage.

    Personally I don't enjoy watching Houston. It's smart and they are really good at it, but I just don't like watching it. So maybe I was overly sensitive to the times I felt like we came out of our offense and started launching 3s. It seems like they love it when we start rushing down and taking early 3s, because they are a lot better at that than we are. It doesn't take long for us to do that in 2-3 possessions and have Houston come down and hit three 3s in a row and an 8 point game becomes a 17 pointer just like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingsxman View Post
    I think this is 100% wrong. To me the fact that Glen wanted to sit down with Wiggins and talk to him "man to man" before signing him to this deal says that this was mainly Thibs and that Glen had concerns. Glen has NEVER done that with anyone else in the history of the wovles as far as I know. Glen turned over complete control to Thibs and does NOT get involved in personel decisions. Glen wanted Ricky here. If Glen was playing GM Ricky would still be here.
    You may be right, but the truth sometimes can be strange and Glen is a very passive aggressive guy. I've dealt with enough of his types in my life to know he gets what he wants. Thibs doesn't like playing games, he is exactly the opposite. Think about this. When Glen announced the hiring, he said that Thibs demanded both the head coach and GM job. When Thibs was asked, he denied that he demanded both roles. Something has got to give there. I've always had the feeling Glen liked Wiggins, also Gorgui. They are nice, personable guys that Glen could invite over for dinner etc. You have to understand, these billionaires are a different species. Here is my strange theory on what went down last summer. Thibs wanted Butler at all costs. That cost was LaVine. Wiggins was never on the table. Then Glen, Thibs, and Layden sit down for talks over the summer on Wiggins. Someone expresses reservations. Someone relays those reservations to Wiggins agent. Agent relays to Wiggins. Wiggins gets offended that his agent would even consider it. He fires his agent. Meanwhile Glen denies that he told the agent he wanted a different contract and verbally offers Wiggins the max in order to prevent things from escalating. Trades were discussed for Irving. Boston provides what was perceived as the better package. We roll the dice with Wiggins.

    Wiggins is a marketable guy in Toronto. Not a bad idea to keep an eye out for trade options.

    I think both Dieng and Wiggins are going to frustrate us to death, or maybe something will click and they will figure out how to get into a competitive mindframe.
    The sun shines again in Golden State as the hungry Wolves remain poised for the night to come


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