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    The Country Club's Offseason Blueprint, Version 1.0

    Given the math and the metrics involved in dancing along the luxury tax line and firing Thibs, this blueprint advocates the case to fire Thibs and stay under the luxury tax cap. Assuming Thibs comes back next year, this team likely will have to pay $20-$25 mil in tax assuming exceptions are used and we carry a 13-14 man roster.

    Firing Thibs will cost $24 million and would force us to trade Butler pretty much on the spot to get any value. This post will outline how we can salvage a Wolves 2.0 under a new philosophy without Thibs here. My thinking is that Thibs does come back but making the move can be done without costing Taylor significantly more money than it would letting Thibs shoot for a 50 win season and first round exit with a repeat of Bulls 2011.

    1 - David Griffin and Blatt become the "new" front office and coach tandem. I'll need to play Griffin here and do the best I can.

    2 - Butler and Teague to MIA for James Johnson, Goran Dragic, Josh Richardson, future 2nd rounder. $39.4 mil out, 42.0 coming back. Dragic takes over at point for better or for worse but Tyus stays. JJ becomes the backup 4 to Taj because...

    3 - Three-way trade. Evan Turner, Cole Aldrich to PHX, Gorgui Dieng to POR, Tyson Chandler to MIN. $22.0 mil out, $13.6 back. I've sliced off $8.4 mil. POR gets $7 mil off Tyson's contract in Cole's expiring in '19. We essentially flip Dieng for Chandler and get out of Dieng's contract a year sooner. We might have to flip a conditioned pick of some sort to get PHX to bite on this but it gets us flexibility and gets POR a center (assuming Nurkic walks).

    4 - Draft at 20 - Gary Trent Jr from Duke. Future 6th man for the team once Crawford leaves.

    Roster before FA:

    Wiggins $25.3 mil
    Dragic $18.1 mil
    Johnson $14.6
    Taj $14
    Tyson $13.6
    Josh Richardson $9.3 mil
    KAT $7.9 mil
    Patton $2.7 mil
    Trent Jr. ~ $2 mil
    Tyus $2.4 mil
    Dead contracts (Bazz, K-Martin) $3 mil
    Crawford opting in? $4.5 mil

    $117.4 mil

    Sign a couple of guys to minimum deals and probably end up paying $2-$3 mil in tax. If Bjelly stays, we probably pay a bit more.


    James Johnson 6th
    Crawford 7th
    FA 1 (maybe Bjelly will come back?)
    FA 2

    The Wolves would have to hope that there's a quick and easy way to move Butler for value or know that he's willing to stay assuming a Thibs departure. If he's not, then fire up a deal quickly and hope that you get close to fair value. The Miami deal is certainly not 100 cents on the dollar but it does give us an extra player. It's going to require a lot of minefield navigating but Taylor, with the right FO in place, probably could make it work so the Wolves don't go over the luxury cap or don't go over by much (which is about $121 mil).
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    Now figure in KAT's extension and what we do....


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    Quote Originally Posted by LEvine View Post
    Now figure in KAT's extension and what we do....

    Taj and Tyson in that scenario leaving after '19 would at least free up KAT's money. Question is how much would be left for FA's...
    Inching back towards the wagon...slowly...


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