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    The Fake Thibs Pitch to Lebron


    Lebron, I watched your games in Cleveland and feel I can do better than Coach Lue.

    First, he played you only 37 minutes per game. Youll feel right at home here. But I plan to play you even more minutes so I can make you more susceptible to injuries like I do my other All Stars.

    Second, you had poor bench play in Cleveland. Ive solved that, too. I dont play my bench. Just my starters.

    Third, if you join this team we will have four, count them four All Stars. Theres you, Towns, Jimmy, and Rose. Ok I know Rose isnt currently an All Star but he soon will be. Ill give him plenty of minutes to prove to the NBA how wrong everyone else is.

    Fourth, you dont need to worry about sharing the ball in a fluid offense. I coach old school. No three pointers here. We like to post up and shoot free throws. Free throws are nice because they let you rest when I play you 40 minutes per game.

    Fifth, I need you to take a pay cut. I like to pay big contracts to guys like Wiggins and Dieng that are not All Stars. Why be like every other NBA team. They dont know what theyre doing with salary cap. I do. Thats why Im both the Coach and GM.

    Sixth, I can get you to the playoffs. I have a history of doing that. I dont always win the title though. You can help put us over the top. And I like to scream and yell during games to the point it can be uncomfortable for fans and players. I know Jamal Crawford came out and said this year was bad due to how I ran things and that it may scare off free agents. But again, Jamal is like the rest of the NBA in that he doesnt know what hes talking about.

    So, what do you say?

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    Sounds like I should go buy my Minnesota Lebrons shirt now!

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    Who could say no to a pitch like that? It's a done deal. lol

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    Please go look up Butler mpg for the seasons Thibs wasn't coaching Bulls. I'll hang up and listen. Box!


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