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    I've created a new site very similar to the old. Join up.


    I've created this and hope people join. Reddit is ok, but everything is lumped together and I've never been a fan of this.

    Publicity, fame and accolades can make a theory popular. They can't make it true.

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    I like it. It gets my vote over Reddit.

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    Yep, it is a go as far as I am concerned. The only other option is Facebook or an email group.


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    I agree. I appreciate WOTP's reddit effort but the MNSPORTS board is much easier to read.

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    Cool site! Where I should ask for a help? I'll do it here..the story is that I'm thinking of how to increase prodactivity of myselfe and my day? You know..I really don't know how to organise everything properly! I'm a beginner entrepreneur and I'm so bewildered and didn't know how to plan time and what to do next! So I HOPE for a super thing! I've found on the internet onplanners.com apps
 maybe you know anything about this?


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